CdPS3 Nanosheets-based Membrane with High Proton Conductivity Enabled by Cd Vacancies

Author: REN Wencai , CHENG Huiming , YIN Lichang , LIU Zhibo , PEI Songfeng

Proton transport in nanochannels under humid conditions is crucial for the application in energy storage and conversion. However, existing materials, including Nafion, suffer from limited conductivity of up to 0.2 siemens per centimeter. We report a class of membranes assembled with two-dimensional transition-metal phosphorus trichalcogenide nanosheets, in which the transition-metal vacancies enable exceptionally high ion conductivity. A Cd0.85PS3Li0.15H0.15 membrane exhibits a proton conduction dominant conductivity of ~0.95 siemens per centimeter at 90° Celsius and 98% relative humidity. This performance mainly originates from the abundant proton donor centers, easy proton desorption, and excellent hydration of the membranes induced by cadmium vacancies. We also observed superhigh lithium ion conductivity in Cd0.85PS3Li0.3and Mn0.77PS3Li0.46membranes.

Fig. 1. Cd0.85PS3Li0.15H0.15 nanosheets-assembled membrane and its ion transport property at 98% relative humidity and different temperatures.