From November 30th to December 1st, the First SYNL Youth Forum was successfully held at Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (SYNL). Jointly convened by Researcher Tai Kaiping and Han Zheng, a total of 47 young scholars from more than 30 domestic research institutes were invited to the forum to give more than 40 excellent academic reports and to conduct in-depth and extensive academic exchanges. Under the topic of “Thermoelectric Materials and Devices” and “Mesoscopic Electronic Devices and Quantum Transport”, this forum attracted a total of more than 100 teachers and students from more than 10 universities and scientific research institutes. At the same time, representatives from the business community also attended the meeting to seek common development.

At the opening ceremony, Lu Ke, Director of SYNL, delivered a welcoming speech. Lu Ke warmly welcomed the young scholars attending the forum, and briefly introduced the current planning and layout of the scientific research base in Liaoning Province. He welcomed the gathering of outstanding young talents in Shenyang to exchange academic ideas and carry out scientific and technological cooperation. Li Xiuyan, Deputy Director of SYNL, gave a general introduction of SYNL to all the attendees. Eight outstanding young scholars made conference reports respectively from inorganic flexible semiconductors, graphene, semi-Msler thermoelectric material performance optimization, accurate nano-control of artificial DNA self-assembly, electron and phonon transport, carbon nanotube ultra-fast electron source, Internet of Things micro-temperature difference technology, continuous variable quantum information research and other aspects. From theory to practice, they presented the latest scientific research in many aspects and provided an academic feast for the participants.

Two sub-forums were hold, namely, Thermoelectric Materials and Devices Sub-forum and Mesoscopic Electronic Devices and Quantum Transport Sub-forum. The reports of the two sub-forums were brilliant and the discussions were full of enthusiasm.

Scholars attending the Youth Forum also visited the Technical Support Division of SYNL.

Holding the Youth Forum is one of the important measures taken by SYNL to build an academic and technical exchange and cooperation platform for young scientists at home and abroad. In the future, outstanding young scholars in the fields of materials or others closely related fields at home and abroad will be regularly invited to carry out academic exchanges so as to promote mutual understanding and deepen cooperation.

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