Functionalization of Structural Ceramics



Taking nanostructured structural/functional ceramic materials as the core, we focus on the basic scientific issues of material structure-control preparation-material properties, by combining the basic research of ceramic materials science with practical applications, and systematically carrying out in-depth research of the frontiers of the discipline. Our research works are featured in MAX phase ceramics and their derived material, MXene, and LiFePO4 for lithium ion battery cathode material. In the field of MAX phase ceramics, we focus on the control preparation and application research of MAX phase; in the case of MXene, we devote to the research of control preparation and performance research and application exploration; and for LiFePO4, a research platform for preparation, surface modification and interface control of nano-sized LiFePO4 has been established, which realizes green and efficient preparation of high-performance LiFePO4.