Thin Films & Small-scale Materials and Mechanical Behavior



With the aim of solving the key scientific problems at the frontier of the materials science and the fundamental problems in the national major needs, the research group focuses on the applied/fundamental research on the relation between microstructures/defects, interfaces/surfaces and mechanical behaviors in thin films and small-scale materials. We try to elucidate basic laws and physical mechanisms of length scale- and/or interface-controlled strength, toughness, fracture and long-term service performance of materials/components; to clarify the failure rules of small-scale materials/components under multi-physics fields; to explore new techniques and methods for evaluation of the high-temperature mechanical properties of small-scale samples for key engineering materials and components; to establish new strategies for evaluating fatigue reliability of engineering structural materials and service lifetime of high-temperature creep based on microstructure units and interface characteristics, which would provide design rules and theoretical basis for the development of new high-performance materials and reliability evaluation of key engineering components.