Advanced Eenergy Conversion Materials and Devices



Aiming to develop advanced materials and devices for high-efficiency conversion from solar energy to chemical energy, laying the foundations of solid theories, materials and techniques for the production of solar fuels. Current research activities mainly focus on the design and construction of high-performance photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic materials and devices driven by solar energy. Intend to develop new principles, new methods and new techniques to fulfill the seamless linking between three basic processes (light absorption, photoexcited carriers separation and transfer, surface catalytic reaction), aiming to solve the critical issues limiting the photo(electro)catalytic energy conversion efficiency. Establish the scientific foundation and provide technical support for the design of new-type photo(electro)catalytic materials and devices with high efficiency, high stability and low cost. Realize the construction of advanced energy conversion systems for large-scale high-efficiency photocatalytic water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction.