Exchange Coupling and Magnetoelectric Coupling in Functional Films



Magnetic properties, exchange coupling, domain structure and coercivity mechanisms in anisotropic nano-composite permanent-magnetic multilayer films have been investigated. Combining with micro-magnetic simulation methods and lithography technique, the magnetic interactions and the mechanism of formation of different magneic structure (like bubble, vortex and skyrmion) will be studied in magnetic multilayers. To form the domain structure by manipulating these magnetic interactions can be fundamental for fabrication of novel magnetic storage. We also investigate the magnetic transportation properties and domain evolution of ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic and artificial antiferromagnetic films under the driving of spin-orbit torque. By modifying the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction,anisotropy and exchange coupling etc. combined with the design of spintronic devices, we are aiming at achieving field-free control of magnetization switching at low energy cost, and manipulation and control of current driven artificial skyrmion structure.