Special Steels



Mainly focuses on the research of the fundamental mechanisms on purification and microstructural evolution of special steels, and also aims to develop some new special steels and their manufacturing technologies to overcome some bottlenecks in the manufacture of components in nuclear and military fields. The main research contents include: purification theory and smelting process of special steel, the quantitative characterization and control technology of inclusions in special steel, investigation on the mechanical behavior of special steel based on multi-scale in-situ experiments and crystal plasticity simulation, relationship between the microstructure- mechanical properties of stainless steel and heat resistant steel, the heat treatment of heavy wall low-alloying steel component, the effects of solid solution rare earth in steel and its applications, simulation of heat treatment and plastic deformation process of special steel components, nonlinear finite element modeling of heterogeneous materials and complex structures formation, and R&D of hot working technologies and service safety assessment of special steel components used in important projects.