Thermoelectric Materials and Devices



Our research group focuses on investigations of alloy and compound thin film materials, and corresponding microstructure design, fabrication and characterization of thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. Aiming to the key research challenges of preparing functional thin film materials and controlling their physical properties, many scientific instruments have innovatively designed and constructed, such as femtosecond-laser fabrication and thermal conductivity measurement systems of thin film materials; in-situ plasma-transmission electron microscopy (TEM), liquid-cryogenic-TEM and liquid-heating-TEM sample holders; mechanical properties measurement system of thin film materials under extreme conditions; etc., which have subsequently lead to scientific contributions to revealing growth mechanism of thin film materials under plasma environment, liquid-solid phase transition, synthesis dynamic mechanism of low-dimensional materials from hot-solution, mechanical properties of nanocrystal thin film materials under irradiation, and developing high-performance flexible thermoelectric thin film materials, etc.