XRD & XCT Group



Based on X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray computed tomography (XCT), X-ray group dedicate to materials analysis techniques for crystal structure, micro and macro stress and transmission 3D morphology. The XRD is the most feasible method with wealthy of information to figure out crystal structure as well as grain size, grain orientation, texture and crystal mosacity. The XCT with high energy cone beam and sub-micron resolution can penetrate millimeter sized materials composed of heavy elements. It is very popular tool to the exploration of the voids and cracks inside materials, investigation of the phase morphology for the materials with porous, multiple phases or composites. With the help of 3D visualization and characterization software, one can easily get statistic values of specified phase distribution in 3D space besides the perspective zoomed view of the investigated object. Both XRD and XCT systems are equipped with heating or loading stages, on which it is practical to carry out in-situ test or research with X-ray techniques.

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