Property Evaluation Group



Property evaluation group is equipped with complete sets of mechanical property testers, durometers, indenters and series of instruments for thermal analysis. The group can carry out testing and research work for the evaluation of mechanical properties and service performance of engineering materials, advanced materials or small parts. The mechanical property testers can work in static or dynamic way, uniaxial or multi-axial modes, cover the load range from 1N to 250 kN and the temperature range from -196oC to 1100oC . To give overall or specified evaluation of mechanical and performance properties, one can have diverse options, including monotonic loading testing like tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact, fatigue testing with cyclic loading in controlled stress or strain, fracture testing for KIC, JIC, COD values, tribology testing with multiple methods, hardness and indentation testing for small scale et al. Besides the mechanical and performance evaluation, thermal analysis with TG, DSC, DIL, DMA are also the options for professional technical services.

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