Amorphous Metallic Coatings



Aiming at national demands, especially the key issues in the application of metastable metal materials, the research focuses on the mechanism of corrosion and wear resistance for the lightweight Al-based, low-cost Fe-based amorphous alloys and high-entropy alloys. (i) Clarifying the relationship between component, microstructures and corrosion resistance, and develop the corrosion and wear resistant coating materials; (ii) Conducting the research on numerical simulation and verification of gas atomized amorphous and high-entropy alloy powder preparation and thermal spraying process; (iii) Understanding the velocity field and temperature field characteristics during atomization and the formation mechanism of oxidation and pore defects in thermal spraying process, and fabricate high performance powders and coatings; (iv) Developing various amorphous and high-entropy alloys with independent intellectual property rights and ultimately promote their engineering applications.