High Temperature Corrosion and Protection



Brief Introduction
The high-temperature corrosion and self lubrication research group focuses on the multi-function materials design and structure-property relationship of high corrosion resistance structural/functional scales and composites. High temperature protective coatings and self-lubricating composite materials were studied and shown with high protection performance, resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion, extremely low lattice thermal conductivity, and high reliability in extreme corrosive environments. Novel experimental methods were developed and used for coating preparation, such as EB-PVD, APS, MS, AIP and SPS. Theoretical modeling of electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties are used to discover relationships between the atomic- and/or electronic-scale characteristics, microstructures, and macro-performances. They are also committed to the application research of high-temperature corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant coatings and materials. At present, a variety of finished products are applied in the military industry, steel industry, power industry and others that serviced in high temperature or marine environment.
Research Areas
1.High Temperature Protective Coatings
MCrAlY coating, nanocrystalline coating, inorganic coating, and high temperature enamel coating.
2. Corrosion resistant self-lubricating composite materials
Performance under extreme environments and novel protection methods.
3. High temperature corrosion and protection of marine environment
Corrosion behavior, characterization, and properties of metallic materials in corrosion environment.
4. Enamel matrix composite materials
Processing and property optimization of high-temperature enamel composites and coatings.