Topological Insulators Nanostructures and Devices



Various new ultra-thin single topological insulators and semiconductortive thin films/nanowire/nanosheet are fabricated, and new magnetoelectronic/photoelectricity/ magnetooptical coupling functional devices are developed based on multi-physical properties measurement system and micro-nanofabrication system. Controlling the magnetization reversal and obtaining different topological states are focus in magnetic materials by designing different geometrical shapes or combining different materials together, and illuminate the physical mechanism by micromagnetic simulations, which will be useful to the application of magnetic materials. To study the interplay between lattice dynamics and excited electrons in low-dimensional materials. To design novel functional materials by combining high-throughput structural searching and first-principles calculations and simulations. To achieve primary source code to gain some understanding on electron-phonon interaction far from Fermi level, and realize the practical applications on resonant Raman scattering, gate-tuning carrier transport and thermoelectric conversion of low-dimensional atomic crystals.