Functional Materials and Devices Division



The main research field is functional materials, with special interests in fundamental scientific problems in magnetic materials, ferroelectric materials, topological insulators, etc. The research directions are: Exchange coupling and magnetoelectric coupling in functional films, Topological insulators nanostructures and devices, Neutron scattering study of magnetic phase transitions, Ferroelectric thin films and devices. We focus on the study of intrinsic physical properties (such as electric, magnetic, optical, thermal, mechanic, etc.) and the transformation between different energies. We are also interested in different types of phase transitions in functional materials, such as, structural phase transitions, magnetic phase transitions and topological phase transitions. The aim is to discover new types of topological magnetic materials, magnetoresistance materials, electromagnetic wave absorption materials, magnetoelastic materials, barocaloric materials and magnetocaloric materials. We grow functional thin films and heterostructures and process micro/nanostructures and devices. We study low-dimensional quantum characterizations, nanocomposite effects in functional materials and realize the controls of quantum transport in nanostructures, electric, magnetic and optical properties and the topological states.

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Research Fields