TEM Group


TEM group adopted technical service worked for research scientists from the era of Prof. Kuo. The group is responsible for running and operating the world advanced TEMs, such as Titan 60-300 S/TEM with XFEG and double correctors, HF-2000 cold field emission gun TEM, and several sets of Schottky FEG TEMs. These TEMs assembled with abundant accessories, such as EDS and EELS spectrometers, CCD imaging cameras, HAADF detectors, can display material structure and composition down to atomic scale in an effective imaging mode for any investigation interested. Specific holders, such as in-situ tensile and compression holders, tomography holder, heating holder, multi-field holder and vacuum transfer holder, offer versatile options for different research purpose. During the characterization of the materials concerned, one can explore the morphology, structure and composition with very high spatial resolution or in 3D space. It is also possible to study dynamic process of micro structure evolution in single or coupled field like stress and electricity, or under a special environment like heating and cooling.

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